Annual Report

Pre-Primary Report

Pre-Primary Annual Report 2020-21

Getting right things done at the right time is the key to success in pre-schooling. The year 2020-2021 was challenging; but our tiny tots not only faced it in a unique way, but also discovered new ways to learn with fun.

It was a great challenge for the school to face the COVID-19 pandemic. But the support of the children and their parents not only helped, but motivated us in fulfilling our commitment for education in the best possible ways.

In the pre-primary section, learning and interactions primarily tookplace through virtual meetings &videos.Guidelines were provided for academic concepts, creativity and physical education.

Our teachers maintained regular communication with students and parents. This was done- not only to monitor tasks and assignments in a timely fashion, but also to receive personalized feedback for improvements which would be conducive to the holistic development of our children. In our experience, children enjoyed the concept-based worksheets and the weekly revision of the concepts ensured that these trying times do not impact the learning curve.

As always, opportunities were provided to children to express their creativity and to develop their artistic skills. The weekly group calling sessions simplified the learning process and thus, received tremendous support from the parents of the GJS family.

All the calendared events were hosted online and the childrens’ enthusiasm remained palpable in all virtual events, like Hindi and English recitation, Talent show, Dramatization, Fancy dress, Sports day, Annual day and Art exhibition.

On Founders day events organized gave students a chance to cherish the bond with their beloved grandparents. Performances with grandmas and grandpas was highlight of this year’s celebration. Teachers have attended work shops for self development and for better teaching.

Thank you for supporting and fostering our students for learning.

I conclude this report with a quote - "Education should be attained at every moment, irrespective of the circumstances. It accumulates in small fractions. Just like a person who does not value pennies cannot be rich,someone who misses out the importance of continuous education can never be wise.

Primary Report

Annual Report for Primary Section (Classes 1 &3)

Learning is the process of constantly updating in an ever changing world. All children should be given the opportunity to experience the very best possible start to their education.

Learning at our school is based on the fundamental principles of life; teaching the children to be courageous, confident, disciplined, responsible and loyal. Education at our school provides a foundation for a lifetime of learning and is great fun too.

Teaching at GJES is a two-way process; where the teachers first try and understand each individual child so as to provide them with the most easy and adaptable techniques and a conducive ambience for them to learn what is delivered. We believe in teaching by following the child. We strive to keep our toddlers busy with learning activities.

Today the role of a school is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to empower its students to be lifelong learners. We try to provide the best possible environment for healthy development of young children by providing a carefully planned and structured environment in which the child grows and learns in a natural way.

I take this opportunity to thank the parents of our students for having bestowed their faith and confidence in us. Your faith in us is our driving force.

I would like to end with the words of Albert Einstein – “Imagination is more important than knowledge, for while knowledge defines all that we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.”

A few achievements in academics to be mentioned are:

Lead Conducted Championship competition for Science and English where our students Prutha Subnis in Sciencebee stood 2nd and Krushna Shinde qualified for the National Round in Vocabee.

For the whole of Primary Section Various Competitions were conducted on Zoom such as

English and Hindi Recitation Competition
Founder’s Day
Golden Fiesta
Sports Day
For all these competitions practice was taken by the teachers on Zoom.

Drawing, painting, clay modelling, collage and craft. For these competitions the students were asked to send the images on what’s app or Google Classroom.

We could see great enthusiasm in students during all the events.

To enhance our skills as teachers, there were various workshops attended by the teachers by Lead School, Pai Foundation and Ms. Suhasini Kulkarni(School Counsellor) Teachers are also completing various CBSE courses through Diksha, Nishtha apps and CBSE training Portal.

Annual Report for Primary Section (Classes 4 &5)

Primary education is the foremost and basic right of every child. The role of primary education is to ensure the development of children. This means that all children are able to develop their social, cognitive, cultural, emotional and physical skills according to the best of their abilities.

The new academic year 2020-21 began from 1st April 2020. It was a great shift from physical learning to online learning due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. During the lockdown the learning took place for the students through watching the LEAD School videos for the subjects as ELGA i.e English language and general awareness, Maths, Environmental Studies. For the subjects like Hindi, Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer students learnt through the videos sent on the class groups. Concept based tests were conducted for all the subjects. Thereafter, re-teaching was done using different teaching methods for the concepts which the students found difficult to understand. Unit wise revision videos for all the subjects were taken along with co-curricular activities videos.

Education and Art Integrated learning classes were conducted where Maharashtra was paired with Odisha State, under the scheme Ek bharat Shreshth Bharat by CBSE, where the students learnt about the similarities and differences of both the states through different concepts.

From the month of June regular classes for Hindi, Marathi, Art, Music, P.E. Computer, and Library were conducted on Zoom. Along with that for the subjects like ELGA, Maths, EVS concept based classes were also conducted on Zoom. Every Wednesday on zoom the class teachers conducted the class called ‘Fun With Teachers’ where they interacted with the students and conducted various activities in the form of stories, games, quizzes using different Zoom features through which they would inculcate different moral values. The students enjoyed these classes the most. For clearing doubts teachers were available on all the working days between 3p.m. – 4p.m.. Practice Worksheets and Unit wise Assessments were conducted regularly. Oral Tests were conducted in various ways such as on zoom, through Google forms and also through calls.

All the calendared events and competitions were conducted online. Students participated very enthusiastically in all the events. The Golden Fiesta and Annual Sports Day were also conducted through zoom with majority participation. The practice for all these events was regularly taken by the teachers. Many of the students participated in the various interschool competitions such as Students LEAD Conference, LEAD National English Championship, LEAD Science Championship, Story Telling Competition by CBSE , National Astronomy Challenge, Expression Series conducted by Universal School, Aurangabad. Prutha Sabnis from class 3A secured Second position in Science Quiz for LEAD National Science Championship where she was awarded with a Certificate and I-pod. Krushna Shinde from class 4B was successfully qualified for the National Round in the Voca Bee category of the LEAD National English Championship 2020 where he was awarded with Certificate and set of six books. Krushna Shinde’s academic and non-academic performance was exceptional.

I like to thank all the students and parents for their support and co-operation through these challenging times and we one proud of the fact that all of us have emerged stronger.

Secondary Report

ANNUAL REPORT (Classes 6 to 8)2020-2021

"Obstacles don't have to stop you. if you run into a wall don't turn around and give up. figure out how to climb it,go through it or work around it"

Following this thought of Micheal Jordan, our school did not lose the hopes and decided to face the challenge of the Pandemic given by the Nature.

With a very bold, brave and positive School Principal, the team of golden Jubilee was ready to work to give their best, so that our students would be able to continue learning though they were physically absent in the school.

The Academic year began on 1st April 2020.the middle school students began their academic year with the help of the lead videos, students watched the videos of English, Math’s, Science and SST subject from Monday to Friday through lead parent app.

In the month of May the physical fitness of the students was worked upon by the sports teachers by sending the videos of physical exercise created by them. To cater the skills of Art and music of the students, the respective teachers created and sent the videos so that the students continued to foster their interest in the respective co-curricular activities. The students were issued the text books in month of April.

The School re-opened on 8th June 2020.Middle school students continued watching the lead videos, along with this school teachers conducted the Zoom classes to clear the doubts and revise the concepts taught in lead school. In Zoom classes the emphasis was on Art integrated teaching, Students enjoyed art and music classes in zoom meetings. Subjects like Marathi and Hindi were completed through these Zoom classes. teachers created goggle classrooms through which the worksheets were sent to work on writing skills of the students.

The school was determined to conduct all the calendared events. On 17th June Online Inter house power point presentation was conducted.

Inter house English debate Competition was conducted online on 22nd June, the topic for the middle school was "Is competition necessary part of education".

In July month the Academic subjects as well as the co-curricular subjects continued as in June.

From July 21st 2020the online English Recitation was scheduled, It was conducted as an individual event this year.

From 4th August middle school started Zoom classes for all the subjects, along with Art and music classes. Students also attended Physical Education classes via zoom meetings.

On 13 th Aug 2020 We celebrated the Founder’s Day. The Day was marked by Organizing different online events like Poem writing, Essay competition, poster making and Rangoli Making.

On occasion of Independence Day Speech competition, sketching and Quiz competition were conducted.

It was not only teachers but even students did not fail to show their gratitude towards teachers by celebrating the online teacher’s day. The students being at their home coordinated and were able to put up a great virtual show for the teachers, even some students managed to prepare some gifts for their loving teachers.

On 18 and 19 Aug 2020 Inter house Hindi Debate Competition was conducted. The topic for Middle school was “Was Indian Government’s decision on lockdown for global epidemic correct? “

Students even Participated with great enthusiasm in the Collage online competition, craft Competition.

This Year it was really a great experience for the students as well as the teachers of celebrating on line Annual Fiesta.

The celebration was marked by different online events like performing Dance, skit, story-telling and fashion show, Along with these events Some events were introduced like Cooking, dinner layout, Mehndi, Painting with story, Herbarium sheets, App making, Musical instruments and creating animated story using videos/presentation.

Annual Athletic Meet was conducted online from 9th November to 12th November 2020.

The Inter house Quiz competition was conducted on 4 December.

The special Achievements of the year for middle school are as follows:
1. Amogh Kabra and Aarush Dhannawat Secured 6th and 10 rank respectively in Maharashtra State Scholarship.

2. In Lead School Championship 2020

Pratiksha Kulkarni of 8 Standard won a laptop securing the first position in National English Elocution Competition

Palak Soni and Aarush Dhannawat won an I-pod securing second position in national Science bee quiz competition.

I really feel proud to state that we have used this Pandemic period very efficiently, as teachers could update themselves by various workshops conducted by CBSE, School counselors, sessions taken by Principal ma’am on Experiential learning etc.

With all these successful events the saying that “Where there is a will, there is a Way” Is proved correct by our Golden Jubilee School”

With this I conclude the Middle School Report.

Secondary Annual Report (Classes 9 to 12)

It gives me immense pleasure to write the report of Secondary section of Golden Jubilee School. Despite the entire world coming to a standstill due to the pandemic in the month of March, 2020, the process of imparting education to the GJS students didn't stop. The COVID-19 outbreak had thrown up many challenges for the school, students, parents and teaching staff. But thanks to Principal ma'am with whose vision and able guidance we could overcome the challenges and transform these challenges into opportunities. Our teachers have risen to the challenge with creativity, compassion and care in a way that has made me proud to be a part of the GJS team. I would like to mention that the students as well as the parents responded positively during this difficult and challenging times.

GJS is dedicated to providing quality education to the students. The March 2020 Board results are a testimony to that. I would like to mention with great pride that our Class 10 and 12 students have done exceedingly well in the AISSE and AISSCE examinations held in March 2020. Out of 49 students who appeared for Class 10 Board exams, 25 students scored above 90% marks. Aryan Manoj Kasat, Sejal Satish Shekde and Saransh Purushottam Rathi scored 98.4% and were the joint toppers. Aditi Puri scored a perfect 100 in English whereas Aryan Kasat, Sejal Shekde, Shivraj Bhalekar, Tanishka Kulkarni, Suraj Talreja, Saransh Rath scored a perfect 100 in Mathematics. Saransh Rathi and Shravani Dambale scored a perfect 100 in Social Science. Out of 32 students who appeared for Class 12 Board exams, 10 students have scored above 90% marks with Sanjana Santosh Mundada being the topper at 96.2%. Pooja Jhawar & Anurag Lahoti were topper in English with 98 marks, Sanjana Mundada & Harshavardhan Varma topped in Accountancy with 98 marks and Economics with 95 marks, Harshavardhan Varma topper in Mathematics with 97 marks, Sanjana Mundada & Harshavardhan Varma topper in Business Studies with 97 marks, Vedpriya Bargaje was the topper in Psychology with 93 marks. The tremendous efforts of our teachers, students and parents have borne fruit. We are proud of our students' achievements.

At no point during the pandemic we at GJS felt low in spirit, as we whole heartedly started online classes for 9 to 12 classes in the month of April 2020 as per the Calendar. Class 11 students joined the online classes from the month of August 2020. The school also scheduled doubt clearing session from 3 to 4 pm on all working days. To avoid boredom from online screen time the teachers extensively used Google Classrooms and Forms to assign worksheets, quizzes and assignments that made the teaching-learning process joyful.

Since students attended online classes regularly and remained confined to screen, it was necessary that they had some physical activities. Thanks to our Physical Education staff who shared short videos of physical work out every afternoon.

Despite the fact that students were not present in the school, the school successfully organized all the calendared Inter House events Online with active participation of students. Here is the list of inter house activities conducted online in chronological order:

Inter House Power Point Presentation Competition - 17 June 2020
The Inter-house Power point presentation was conducted on the 17th of June for the students of Classes 4 to 12. The competition was conducted in five different groups viz Class 4/5, Class 6/7, Class 8, Class 9/10 and Class 12. The topic of power point presentation competition for class 12 was “COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Schools", for class 9/10 was “Blended learning – need of the moment", for class 8 topic was "Global Warming", topic for class 6/7 was "Water Conservation” and topic for class 4/5 was “Cyber Security.

Inter House English Debate Competition - 22 June 2020
The Inter house Debate competition took place on the 22nd of June. The topic for senior section (class 9 to 12) was “Home schooling is better than traditional schooling” and the topic for junior section (class 6 to 8) was “Is competition necessary part of education?” The debate was an eye opener and the insight we got into the thinking power of our students was amazing, indeed the future of the country is bright.

Inter House Drawing and Painting Competition - 10 Aug 2020
Inter house Painting competition was conducted online this year. The painting competition was organized as an individual event this year for students of classes 1 to 5 and classes 6 to 12. The competition was thematic with students divided into class 6 to 8 group and 9 to 12 group. The topic for Classes 9 to 12 was Education for all during Lockdown.

Founders Day celebration - 13 Aug 2020
Founders Day was celebrated by GJS family on the 13th of August 2020. Founders Day is celebrated as remembrance and gratitude towards our founder, Late Padma Bhushan Dr. Badrinarayan R Barwale. Since students were away from the school owing to the lockdown, the day was celebrated with fun filled activities online. The spirit was high and all were full of zeal and enthusiasm. School had organized English Essay writing competition, Poster Making and Rangoli creation for classes 9 to 12.

Independence Day Program - 14 Aug 2020
Independence day was celebrated by GJS with patriotic fervour on 14th August, 2020. Even though the students were confined at home due to the pandemic, it did not diminish their spirit of patriotism. Students participated in various online events conducted by the school. Students of classes 9 to 12 participated in the Online Independence quiz and Sketch Making competition.

Inter House Hindi Debate - 18 & 19 Aug 2020
The Inter house Hindi Debate competition took place online on 18th Aug for classes 9 to 12 and 19th Aug for classes 6 to 8. The topic for senior section (class 9 to 12) was “What is most important in society, love or money?” and the topic for junior section (class 6 to 8) was “Was Indian government's decision on lockdown for global epidemic correct?". Students put forth wonderful thoughts and spoke with lot of conviction.

Inter House Webpage Designing Competition - 31 Aug 2020
The Inter house Webpage Designing competition was held on 31 Aug 2020. Four houses participants created Web Pages on the topic "IPL T20 2020". House participants worked in a group of three virtually and researched on the topic, collected information and compiled it. One participant from each house explained their web pages using the zoom meeting. It was a wonderful experience for all the participants and the judges.

Teacher's Day Celebration - 5 Sep 2020
Teacher's Day was celebrated in the school on 5th Sep 2020 keeping physical distancing in mind. A short assembly was conducted followed by garlanding the photo of Dr. Radhakrishnan and Goddess Saraswati and lighting the auspicious lamp. The Principal motivated all the teachers by her inspiring words. A few games were arranged for the teachers. To our surprise the students of senior classes had shared a recorded dance video for the staff which was enjoyed a lot by the teachers. Our heartfelt thanks to all the students for their gesture to show the love and respect for their teachers.

Inter House Collage Competition - 18 Sep 2020
Inter house Collage competition was conducted in the month of September. The Collage competition was organized as an individual event this year for students of classes 1 to 5 and classes 6 to 12. The topic for classes 9 to 12 was Corona Warriors and Lockdown Experience. The students collage work depicted a lot of dexterity, meticulous work and creativity.

Inter House Craft Competition - 13 Oct 2020
Inter house Craft competition was conducted online this year. The Craft competition was organized as an individual event this year for students of classes 1 to 5 and classes 6 to 12. The theme for the inter house Craft competition was 'Best out of Waste'. The students were judged on criteria - proportion, material used, neatness and aesthetics.

Annual Fiesta Secondary - 24 October 2020
Golden Jubilee School celebrated its Annual Fiesta 2020-21 woven around the theme “Breaking the Barriers” with vibrancy and life being propelled into magnificent and reverberating celebrations on 22nd and 24th of October 2020. This year the Fiesta was an inter-house online event for one hour scheduled on Zoom where every student from the Secondary Section participated in one event. The programme was an amalgamation of various shades befitting the theme wondrously. The Annual Fiesta was an occasion of celebration and festivity where students displayed wonderful performances in the form of song, dance, skit, story telling and fashion show. Apart from these events the school had also organized events like cooking dinner layout, mehendi, painting with story, herbarium sheets and App making. All the events were judged by school judges and external judges.

Annual Athletic Meet (Online Edition) - 9 Nov to 12 Nov
Golden Jubilee School organized Inter House Sporting events for the students of classes 9 to 12 in an online mode using Zoom Cloud Meetings. Sporting events like Push up, Sit Up, Squats, Plank and Balancing Hamstring Muscles were conducted for the students of Secondary section. Qualifier rounds were conducted initially from which the finalists were selected for the Final Round. The final events were conducted in presence of the House mentors and Sports teachers. All students enjoyed these events a lot. Students enthusiastically participated in the events and contributed their bit towards their house. Absence of students from the school premises did not lower their house spirit as all the participants gave their best performance and contributed for their house. Nayan Mor of Class 10 was adjudged the Best Athlete in Class 9 to 12 Boys category whereas Esha Bihani of Class 12 and Sanvi Udhan of Class 10 were declared the Best Athlete jointly from Class 9 to 12 Girls.

Diwali Celebration - 12 Nov 2020
Diwali was celebrated by the Golden Jubilee School staff with lots of fun filled activities on 12th November 2020. All the teachers decorated Chart paper cut Diyas. Teachers were asked to write down one resolution on the decorated diya which they would follow in the coming year and paste it on the notice board. Teachers created wonderful Diwali Lamps group wise using waste material and also created colourful Rangolis. Coordinators presented Diwali gifts to the helpers and security guards. Entire programme was organized keeping physical distancing in mind. Our heartfelt thanks to the Principal and management for organizing Diwali Celebration programme for the staff.

Inter House Extempore Competition - 1st to 3rd Dec 2020
Inter house Extempore competition was conducted online this year. The Extempore competition was organized as an individual event this year for students of classes 6 to 8, 9 and 11. Students were given topics according to their class category by the Convener of the event, with two minutes to prepare for each student. The event was conducted through Zoom Meetings and the students were judged on the basis of 1) Fluency, Language & Expression 2) Confidence 3) Content 4) Proper utilization of time.

Inter House Quiz Competition - 4 Dec 2020
Inter house Quiz competition was conducted online this year. The Quiz competition was organized as a group event this year for students of classes 6 & 7 and classes 8 & 9. Quiz consisted of categories like general questions, visual category and rapid fire category with two questions in each category.

District Level Essay Competition on the occasion of National Voters Day - 25 January 2021
District Election Office, Jalna in collaboration with the Collectorate Office, Jalna had organized Essay Writing Competition, Drawing Competition and Slogan Writing Competition on the occasion of National Voters Day which is observed on 25th January every year. Golden Jubilee School students have excelled in these competitions and brought laurels to the school. Pratham Mapari bagged First position in Essay writing competition, Ankita Swami stood First in Slogan Writing, Shanyu Bihani stood Second and Siddhi Rajput secured Third prize in Drawing competition.

Republic Day Celebration - 26 Jan 2021
Republic Day was celebrated on 26th January with zeal and enthusiasm. Dr. Usha ma'am unfurled the National Flag. It was then followed by singing of the National Anthem by the staff choir. Vaibhav sir led the school with a short prayer for peace, harmony and well being of the nation. Esha Bihani, Megh Chhabda and Sanvi Udhan delivered inspiring speeches in English, Hindi and Marathi respectively. The programme concluded by singing of the National Song by the staff choir.

Youth Parliament Programme - 30 Jan 2021
The Social Science department under the head of Mr. Albert Anthony organized a Youth Parliament Programme for students of classes 9 to 12. The objectives of the programme are to strengthen the roots of Parliamentary democracy, inculcate healthy habits of discipline, develop tolerance of the views of others and to enable the student community to know about the parliamentary system of government functioning. The various committees discussed issues like awareness on cultural heritage, concern for forest cover, agriculture production, farmers agitation, Corona positive patients and vaccination, reopening of schools and colleges.

Inter House Singing Competition - 1st & 2nd Feb 2021
Inter house Singing competition was conducted online using the Zoom meetings on 1st and 2nd February 2021. Students of classes 9 to 12 participated house-wise as individual participants. Students were judged according to melody, rhythm and overall presentation.

Inter House Essay Writing Competition - 15 Feb 2021
The inter house Essay Writing competition was conducted in English, Hindi and Marathi for students of classes 9 & 10 offline. Students were selected by the house mentors. The English topic for classes 9&10 was Childhood Memories/Ideal Student. Hindi topic was Natural disaster /My favourite Book. The topic for Marathi Essay was Science/Corruption.

Inter School Events
Inter School Poetry Writing Competition (Online Edition) - 27 Jan 2021

Golden Jubilee School had organized an Inter-school online Poetry Writing Competition on 27th Jan 2021. Around 80 students from five schools from Jalna along with a College from Aurangabad participated in this event. The students were given a choice to write the poetry in either English, Hindi or Marathi language and were judged on the basis of presentation, handwriting and creativity. Students were divided in 5 different class groups viz Class 1 to 3, Class 4 & 5, Class 6 to 8, Class 9 & 10, Class 11 & 12. Shanyu Bihani of class 9 bagged the First prize in English Poetry from class 9&10 group, whereas Kunal Ingle of class 12 stood First in English Poetry from class 11&12 group. Dr. Nandkishore Dambale coordinated the event.

HUB Inter School Painting Competition (Secondary Section) 2020-21 - 1 Feb 2021
Golden Jubilee School organized Inter School Painting competition for the secondary section under the HUB Activity on 1st February 2021. Hubs of Learning is a part of the policy of the CBSE board to share, co-operate and learn from each other by forming a small cluster of schools into Hubs of Learning - for collaboration among schools for quality enhancement. The Painting competition was conducted for classes 6 to 10. The students of the different schools were given the theme “The Spirit of Freedom” for the painting competition. Students from various CBSE affiliated schools of Jalna like Podar International School, Anil Jindal World School, Rishi Vidyalaya School and St. Mary’s High School participated in this event. Students came ahead with their multi talent skills. Their strong imagination power was clearly reflected through their paintings. The teachers from Golden jubilee School Sanjay Swami sir, Rajkumari Ma'am and Vandana ma'am played the role of the judges to scrutinize the paintings and reach out to the best of the creations. Mr. Sanjay Swami was the convener for the event.

HUB Inter School Elocution & Debate Competition (Secondary Section) - 11 Feb 2021
Golden Jubilee School organized Inter School Elocution and Debate competition for the secondary section under the HUB Activity on 11th February 2021. Hubs of Learning is a part of the policy of the CBSE board to share, co-operate and learn from each other by forming a small cluster of schools into Hubs of Learning - for collaboration among schools for quality enhancement. The Elocution competition was conducted for classes 6 to 8 whereas the Debate competition was conducted for class 9 & 10. The judges Mr. Eknath Bodhare (Rtd. Teacher of English), Dr. Shirish Bhartia (Neurologist), and Mrs. Sneha Bagdia (Writer) were felicitated by the students of Golden Jubilee school with saplings as a token of love & appreciation. The programme began with the lighting of lamp. Various CBSE affiliated schools of Jalna like Podar International School, Anil Jindal World School, Rishi Vidyalaya School participated in this event. The topic for the Elocution was “Zero tolerance is a useful instrument to prevent violence” and “How to live before you Die.” Whereas the topic for the Debate was “Face-to-face interaction with teachers is more effective than online sessions and lectures.” Mr. Vishal Ingle, convener of the event announced the prizes for individual participants. Disha Kawrani of Golden Jubilee School was adjudged the Best Speaker for the Motion whereas Shanyu Bihani bagged the Best Speaker award for Against the Motion.

I have no doubt in saying that our school’s online scholastic as well as co-scholastic activities were conducted successfully and no school in at least Marathwada has done it as effectively as our school.

Golden Jubilee School in collaboration with the UNESCO's Equal Community Foundation organized a 2 hour Gender Equality Programme via Zoom for boys of classes 8 to 12 for ten Saturdays. These session were conducted by Mrs. Suhasini Kulkarni and Mrs. Jyoti Dhakne, our school counselors. Equal Community Foundation developed an innovative programme called Action for Equality through which they equip adolescent boys with knowledge, skills, and support required to bring about gender equitable changes in their own lives and well as their peers' and families' lives with a vision of a world free from violence and discrimination. The tenth Saturday was a valedictory function where all boys presented their presentation. This function was attended by Dr. Usha Barwale Zehr ma'am, Mrs. Jyothe Rao ma'am, Mrs. Priya Peter ma'am and many teachers.

To keep abreast of latest teaching methodologies and technologies, our teachers have undergone many online courses through Diksha Portal and Centre of Excellence which enable teachers to teach better and lead improved learning outcomes, continuously instill new knowledge and skills as per the demand so as to keep them at par with what is expected and help teachers revise and refresh the knowledge that has already been provided to them in their regular training and make it more crisp and practical. Teachers received the certificates for the same. It is mandatory for the teachers to complete at least 5 certificate courses in a month.

I am sure that all the stake holders associated with the school will agree that “The bigger the challenges, the bigger the opportunity for growth”. On one hand, the students and the teachers have to be protected from the surging pandemic, on the other hand, it needs to be ensured that their academic journeys do not get delayed due to the prevailing situation. Well, today, as students submit their homework and assessments online, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the COVID-19 outbreak – for better or for worse – has changed everything around us. We will have to adopt ' A new normal ' where face masks, sanitization and physical distancing have to be strictly followed.

I take this opportunity to thank all the students and their parents for their valuable support and wish them a fruitful, safe and healthy academic year ahead.

Mr. Vaibhav Nikalje
Secondary Coordinator (Classes 9 to 12)