Our Family


Just as important as the curriculum are the teachers. Quality teachers are appointed in the school to facilitate the learning process. The friendly, smiling teachers welcome the children to the school and treat them with respect. Teachers are dynamic and keep updating their skills periodically. The teachers are technologically sound and use computers in the staff rooms to prepare teaching learning process.

No school can progress unless its staff members are updated with the knowledge and skills required to facilitate the learning process. The school organises staff development programmes periodically for this purpose. Thus there is a greater use of technology and better efficiency in the curricular activities.

Teaching Staff
Sr. No.Teacher NameDesignationClass Teacher
1Ms.Priya PeterPrincipal
3Mr. Vaibhav NikaljeTGT
4Mrs. Mayadevi Ashwin ThakurTGT6-B
5Mr. Mahendra DahalePET
6Mrs. Anupama ThakurTGT9-B
7Mrs. Archana Gajanan JakkalwarPRT
8Mr. Sanjay SwamiTGT
9Mrs. Suhasini KulkarniSp Educator
10Mr. Nandkishor DambaleTGT7-C
11Mr. Mahadev BhosaleTGT9-A
12Mr. Prasad MuleyTGT
13Mrs. Priti ParmarNTTNur-A,LKG-A,UKG-A
14Mrs. Sunita NangareNTTNur-D, LKG-D,UKG-D
15Mrs. Manjusha MahindrakarPRT5-A
16Mr. Winner S. MandlikPRT
17Mr. Nitin B. KhajekarTGT10-A
18Mrs. Manjusha SalegaonkarPPTNur-A,LKG-A,UKG-A
19Mr. Vijay NavgirePET
20Mr. Prasad Shriram ChoudhariMusic
21Ms. Vandana Suresh KarnewarTGT 8-B
22Mrs. Lakshmi Ritesh BhartiyaPRT
23Mrs. Archana Pravin KubdeTGT6-C
24Mrs. Mini Vijay NairPRT5-C
25Mrs. Meenakshi M.DeshmukhTGT8-A
26Ms. Zara Jahangeer ShaikhPRT4-C
27Mrs. Poonam DahalePRT
28Mr.Anosh AthawaleTGT10-A
29Mrs. Rupali Pankaj BihaniPPTNur-B,LKG-B,UKG-B
30Mr.Kailash ZolgePET
31Ms. Jyoti Narayan DhakneSp Educator
32Ms. Reena Sushil BhakkadPRT1-D
33Mrs. Rajkumari Atmaram BansodeTGT
34Mr. Amol Ramesh DholePRT3-B
35Mrs. Shraddha Kamalkishor DevidanPGT12-C
36Mrs. Kajal Rakesh ShethPRT5-B
37Mr. Sandeep Ramrao PiseTGT8-C
38Mrs.Pranita Dnyaneshwar NagwePRT6-A
39Mr. Harshal Eknath BodharePRT3-C
40Mrs. Rupali Sunil Mahindrakar PRT1-B
41Mrs. Rakhee KapoorPRT
42Mrs. Lakshmi SabuPRT
43Mrs. Sangeeta Pungle PPTNur-B,LKG-B,UKG-B
44Mrs. Smita ChoudhariPRT3-D
45Mrs. Arti SahaniPRT2-D
46Mrs. Ayesha DangePRT1-A
47Ms. Leena BhandareNurse
48Mrs. Manisha AdekarPPTNur-C,LKG-C,UKG-C
49Mrs. Sonal BagdiPRTNur-D,LKG-D,UKG-D
50Mr. Sachin SatijaMusic
51Ms. Pooja AgrawalPPTNur-C,LKG-C,UKG-C
52Mr. Mahaveer Singh AswalPRT2-A
53Mr. Vishal IngleTGT
54Mr. Sujit DiveTGT7-B
55Mrs.Sheetal RamchandaniPGT11-C
56Mrs.Bhagyashri VellamparmpeelPRT1-C
57Mrs.Suvarnamala GoldePRT4-A
58Mrs.Kalpana JadhavPRT2-B
59Ms. Lubna SidiquiPRT7-A
60Ms.Anjali KapoorPRT4-B
61Mr.Sanghpal BordeTGT
62Ms.Payal MuthaPRT
63Ms.Priya GhoslePRT
64Ms.Samrta MarksTGT
65Ms.Sakina ShaikhTGT
66Mr.Vijay MishraPRT
Administrative Staff
Sr. No.Teacher NameDesignation
1Mrs.Sujata ChilkaOffice Manager
2Mr. S.D.SangadeAccts. Manager
3Mr. Sandeep ShindePersonal Assistant
4Mrs. Shruti KhadkeLibrarian
5Mr. Saud Ahmed Patel Maintenance Engineer
Sr. No.Teacher NameClassesContact No.
1Mrs.Manjusha SalegaonkarLKG & UKG9404017320
2Mrs.Rakhee Kapoor1,2,39422210161
3Mrs.Archana Jakkalwar4 & 59421596177
5Mrs.Rajkumari Bansode6,7,8 9370618762
5Mr.Vaibhav Nikalje9,10,11,129822635252


Students form the life and body of the school. We are blessed to have wonderful children who look forward to coming to our school. Their energy and enthusiasm are motivating for the teachers.

The school accommodates only limited number of children in a class to give as much attention as possible to each student.

Current strength of students
Class 1104
Class 2103
Class 378
Class 478
Class 578
Class 678
Class 777
Class 851
Class 952
Class 1054
Class 11 Sc-
Class 11 Com23
Class 12 Com31

The Trustees

The birth of the school, its functioning and its performance is in great measure due to the visions and guidance of the trustees. Our trustees have garnered support to develop the school into a world class institution.

Dr. Usha Barwale ZehrChairperson
Mrs. Jyothe RaoVice Chairperson
Mr. Suresh AgrawalSecretary
Mr. Ramkishan BagdiyaTreasurer
Dr. Vijay AradhyeMember
Mrs. Shantadevi BhakkadMember
Mrs. Gomatidevi BarwaleMember
Mr. R V MundadaHonarary Member
Mr. Rajendra BarwaleMember
Mrs. Savita BagdiyaMember
Mrs. Pragya Shirish BarwaleMember

School Management Committee

NameDesignation in SMCNature of member
Dr. Usha Barwale ZehrChairpersonTrustee nominees as per the trust bye-laws
Mrs. Jyothe RaoVice ChairpersonTrustee nominees as per the trust bye-laws
Ms. Priya PeterMember SecretaryEx-officio
Mr. Shankar NalawadeMemberParent of school
Dr. Arvind SoniMemberParent of school
Mrs. Manjusha SalegaonkarMemberTeacher of the school
Mrs. Rahee KapoorMemberTeacher of the school
Mrs. Archana JakkalwarMemberTeacher of the school
Mrs. Mrs. Rajkumari BansodeMemberTeacher of the school
Mr. Vaibhav NikaljeMemberTeacher of the school
Mrs. Ranju BagdiaMemberTeacher/Ex-teacher of any school
Mrs. Kavita PrasharMemberLady Teacher/Ex-teacher of any school
Mr.Ranjit DassMemberPrincipal (panel member for nomination by CBSE
Shri. Shailesh NagdeoteMemberPrincipal (panel member for nomination by CBSE
Dr. Eknath PatelMemberPrincipal (panel member for nomination by CBSE
Mr. Mahendra ChavanMemberTrustee nominees as per trust bye-laws


Since the school has only 25 students in a class the teacher student ratio is low, which means that individual attention can be given to all children. We have children coming to us from different backgrounds and we consider ourselves fortunate that our parent body is very cooperative and have shown implicit trust in the school and its ability to deliver as per their expectations. Parents also come forward to help the school in various ways, whether it is teaching, arranging progammes for children, picnics, tours, field visits, medical check up of children and staff, etc. We look forward to their continued support.