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About PTA

PTA has been an integral part of the school since 2003. The PTA of the school organises and supports numerous programmes for the welfare of the children of the school. In the past the PTA has organised workshops and training programmes for students, training programmes for teachers, organised field trips, arranged entertainment programmes like puppet shows and magic shows for children, arranged career counselling talks, adolescent education programmes, personality and skill development programmes, etc.

Every parent of the school is a member of the PTA. The school collects an amount of Rs.50/- per child from the parents towards the PTA Fund.

The Principal is the Chairperson of the PTA General Body and currently Mrs. Agnes Mascarenhas, HM, is the Secretary.

There is an executive body consisting of the parents and teachers that discuss issues related to the students. Executive body has a parent representative and a teacher representative from each grade. The parent representative of a grade is decided by draw of lottery, if there is more than one parent keen on being a member of the executive committee.

Currently the school PTA executive committee is constituted as follows:

Chairperson: Principal

Vice-chairperson: One from amongst the parents

Secretary: One from amongst the teachers

Two joint secretaries: Both from amongst parents.

Members: One parent and one teacher from every grade.

The Vice Chairperosn, Secretary and the Joint Secretaties are elected from amonglst the executive committee members by the executive committee members. The term of the Executive Committee of the Parent-Teachers Association is one academic year and no member of the Executive Committee shall be eligible for becoming an executive committee member for a period of three years.

Executive Body

Executive body for the year 2016-17

Chairperson: P Suresh

Vice Chairperson: Dr. Mrs. Archana Kabra

Secretary: Mr. Parmeshwar Sarate

Joint Secretaties: Mrs. Aarti Bhakkad & Mrs. Deepti Jindal

Class Representatives on the Executive Body
ClassParent RepresentativeTeacher Representative
LKG Mrs. Soniya Mishrikotkar Mrs. Sangeeta Pungle
UKG Dr.Deepa Jarwal Mrs. Rupai Bihani
Class 1 Dr. Suraj Chavan Mrs. Laxmi Sabu
Class 2 Dr. Swapnil Badjate Mrs. Rakhee Kapoor
Class 3 Mrs. Usha Jha Mr. Amol Dhole
Class 4 Mrs. Aarti Bhakkad Mrs. Maya Devi Thakur
Class 5 Mrs. Preeti Mandhani Mrs. Mini Nair
Class 6 Mrs. Deepti Jindal Mrs. Rajkumari Bansode
Class 7 Mr. Shrikant Mahajan Mr. Prasad Muley
Class 8 Mr. Nitinkumar Agrawal Mr. Sandeep Pise
Class 9 Mrs. Archana Kabra Mr. Anosh Athawale
Class 10Dr. Pradnya Deshpande Mr. Nitin Khajekar
Class 11Mr. Satyakumar Rathi Mrs. Rathi Nair
Class 12 Mrs. Kavita Mantri Mr. Parameshwar Sarate

Notices and Minutes

The different notices and minutes of the meetings held in the current academic year can be seen by clicking on the links.

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