April 2017

Academic Session Begins- 1 April

The academic year began on 1 April unlike in the previous years when it used to start in June. The change was made to keep in tune with the rest of the CBSE schools and to increase the number of school days.

Children were welcomed to the new classes by the respective class teachers. They were inducted into the new classes. They were issued books and stationery and briefed about the importance of starting their classes in right earnest.

Inter-house Extempore competition- 6 April

The Inter-house extempore competition was held for two groups on 6 April. The first group consisted of classes 6,7 and 8 and the second classes 9 & 10. Each house was represented by 2 children from each class. Children were given given the topic to speak on just 2 minutes before their turn.Megh Chabda was the champion speaker in the first group and Esha Bihani was the best speaker in the second group.

The results are as follows:

Individual Positions

Classes 6, 7 and 8

First Megh ChhabdaJupiter
Second Tanishka Kulkarni Mercury
Third Sanvi Udhan Jupiter

House Positions

First Mercury
Second Venus
Third Jupiter
Fourth Saturn

Classes 9 & 10

First Esha BiyaniVenus
Second Disha Tope Saturn
Third Sameer Mahajan Mercury

House Positions

First Venus
Second Saturn
Third Mercury
Fourth Jupiter
Election of Captains - 7 April

Election of house captains was done at 2.15 pm on 7 April. All the children of classes 6 to 12 (excepting students of class 11, as their admissions were not complete) took part in the election process. This year elections were held using electronic voting machines. The machines were made by two boys of the school.

The list of captains are listed on the captains and mentors page the link to which is on the home page of the school website. The Vice captains are appointed by the house teachers generally, taking into consideration the gender of the captains so that there is gender equality. The sports captain is selected by the sports department.

Inter-house Table Tennis - 7 April

Inter-house Table Tennis started on 13 June. This is the first inter-house championship event of the year. The event was held for two divisions for boys and girls separately. The result of the competitions are as follows.

Junior Boys - Class: 6 to 8

First Kunal Dad, Bhavesh Makhani, Akhilesh Rathi Venus
SecondArnav Saraswat, Param Bhala, Megh Chhabda Jupiter
Third Viraj Agrawal, Pranav Bhakkad, Rushil Agrawal Mercury

Junior Girls- Class: 6 to 8

First Riya Zanwar, Dishita Runwal, Kalashree Pipada Venus
Second Tanishka Kulkarni, Shreya Zolge, Tisha Agrawal Mercury
Third Khushi Kamad, Shravani Dambale, Ritica Jindal Saturn

Senior Boys - Class: 9 to 12

First Siddhant Mantri, Shreyas Dongaonkar, Rohan Padulkar Venus
SecondHarsh Pokarna, Jatin Agrawal, Harshvardhan Ruikhedkar Mercury
Third Devji Bhakkad, Anuj Khapse, Mahendra Kohale Saturn

Senior Girls- Class: 9 to 12

First Ayushi Rathi, Ayushi Gorantyal, Palak Agrawal Saturn
Second Anaya Kaushik, Esha Bihani, Aastha Agrawal Venus
Third Vidhi Runwal, Rutvika Bagdiya, Disha Peety Mercury

House Positions

First Venus
Second Mercury
Third Saturn
Inter-house Chess - 7 April

Inter-house chess was conducted on 7 April in the Multi-purpose hall. The event was conducted for 3 groups for boys and girls separately. The results are as follows:

Classes 4 and 5 Boys

First Omkar Dambale, Harshraj Rathi, Rushikesh MantriSaturn
Second Rutvik Bagadiya, Prutha Mundada, Prakhar Mandhani Mercury
Third Yonit Bagadiya, Neel Mantri, Alap Mohta Jupiter

Classes 4 and 5 Girls

First Pratiksha Kulkarni, Suyana Wagh, Vaishnavi AgrawalJupiter
Second Monisha Shah, Arpita Agrawal, Pari Godha Venus
Third Pal Popat, Pal Jaiswal, Reya Aglawe Mercury

Classes 6 to 8 Boys

First Megh Chhabda, Mayank Thole, Nikunj Gindodiya Jupiter
Second Yogesh Dargad, Pallav Kamad, Om VanwariVenus
Third Akhilesh Rathi, Bhavesh Makhanai, Aditya Dhannawat Mercury

Classes 6 to 8 Girls

First Khushi Jhawar, Khushi Kamad, Shravani DambaleVenus
Second Pradnya Borade, Taniya Kapoor, Siddhi Agrawal Saturn
Third Prutha Agrawal, Tisha Agrawal, Shreya Zolge Jupiter

Classes 9 to12 Boys

First Varad Dahake, Chirag Agrawal, Jatin Agrawal Mercury
Second Shreyas Dongaonkar, Harshvardhan Varma, Amya Malpani Jupiter
Third Om Deshmukh, Devesh Deshpande, Devansh Agrawal Saturn

Classes 9 to12 Girls

First Ananya Kaushik, Riya Mantri, Karishma Vanwari Mercury
Second Disha Peety, Tanvi Pimprikar, Anamika DiwateSaturn
Third Mehek Khivansara, Muskan Dembda, Astha Thakur Jupiter

House Positions

Joint First Venus & Mercury
Third Jupiter
Investiture Ceremony - 17 Apr
swearingin swearingin2

Investiture Ceremony to swear in the school-captains was held on 17 April at 3.30pm. Mr. Satish Tawrawala, eminent lawyer of Jalna City, was the Chief Guest on the occasion. The captains were sworn in by the Principal and the Chief guest addressed the school and blessed the school.


Later a photograph was taken with the captains

May 2017

School Reopens for Teachers- 25 May

The teachers arrived at the school in preparation for the new academic year on 25 May. On 25th Principal briefed the staff on the main goals before the school in the current year of which was the work towards getting the British Council - International School Award.

Thereafter the teachers were busy making the Annual Curriculum Plan and lesson plans and in meetings.

Workshop on Graphology and Graphotherapy- 26 May

A workshop was held on graphology for the teachers, which was conducted by Mrs. Anjali Kirtane from Pune. Teachers understood how to understand the children by reading their handwriting and that the negative aspects can be corrected by therapy.

New Teachers
gopal dhanashree himanshi rakhee sangeeta

A few new teachers joined the school this year. Mr. Gopal Pathak came in to teach Social Science in place of Rathi Nair who was promoted as PGT. He joined us from 01 April. Dhanashree Tarke and Rakhee Kapoor has joined in the primary section where as Himanshisign Alagh has joined the Preprimary section. Mrs. Laxmi Saboo who used to teach in the UKG has been promoted as a primary teacher and Sangeeta Pungle who was working as a helper teacher is appointed as a Preprimary teacher..

XSEED workshop for teachers - 31 May

The XSEED trainer was in the school from morning till evening giving the teachers details of XSEED curriculum and the new changes in the curriculum and its implementation. This year XSEED is being followed in class 8 as well.

June 2017

School starts for 10th and 12th classes and LKG D- 01 June

Classes began for the children of classes 10 and 12 on 1 June so that the syllabus could be covered early and children can have enough time for preparation for the Board examinations. A new division was started in LKG this year due to public demand. Since the children had missed classes in April, extra-classes were held for these children to catch up with the other sections from 1 June.

XSEED workshop for teacher - 05 June

A workshop was held for the teachers of classes following the XSEED curriculum on 5 June.

Departmental meetings - 8 June

A series of meetings were held of different departments of the school on 8 June starting with the English department. The meetings focussed on improving performance and discussing problems and solutions.

Orientation programme for Nursery parents - 9 June

The nursery parents were given an orientation in two batches at 10 am and 11 am in the school AVC. The parents were acquainted with various aspects of nursery programme in the school viz. timings, curriculum, activities and the roles of parents and teachers, etc. Nursery kits were also issued to the parents.

First day of Nursery children - 12 June

Children of nursery section came to the school for the first time on 12 June. As expected there were some children who were reluctant to leave the parents and come to their room and there were children who were crying.

However, once they were in the class, most of them settled down to do fun activities which also help them to learn.

International Yoga Day - 21 June
yogday1 yogday2 yogday3

International Yoga Day was celebrated in our school on 21 June. All the staff members and students of classes 6 to 12 attended the programme. Children were divided into four groups for the purpose. Senior children performed yog in the Basketball courts, classes 6 & 7 in the of class 6 and class 7 assembled in the Multi-purpose hall whereas the senior children congregated on the two basketball courts for doing yoga. It lasted for about 40 minutes.

Eid Celebration - 28 June
eid eid2 eid3

Eid was celebrated in the Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary assemblies. Students dressed in Muslim attire presented information about Id-ul-fitr, meaning of Ramzan, importance of fasting, praying and donating, greeting each other, sharing and visiting friends and relatives, importance of Idi. Lastly, the message of love and brotherhood was conveyed. The senior children (Class 10) put up a skit to highlight the festival of Eid in the assembly under the guidance of the class teacher.

July 2017

Inter-house English Debate- 05 July

Inter-house English debate was held on 5th July for classes 9 and 10. The debate was chaired by Mr. Anosh Athawle and anchored by Rutwika Bagadiya. The time keeper was Harsh Mantri. At first the class 10 students debated which was followed by class 9. The topics were “Farmers’ strike is an irresponsible act” and “Demonetisation was a necessary step” respectively.

The results are as follows:

Individual position

First Esha BihaniVenus
Second Riya MantriVenus
Third Shreya Nalawade Saturn

House position

First Amogh Sangewar, Disha Tope, Ayushi Gorantyal, Shreya NalawadeSaturn
Second Siddhant Mantri, Siddarth Agrawal, Esha Bihani, Riya MantriVenus
Third Aditya Dixit, Aditya Mundhe, Astha Thakur, Kunal PeetyJupiter
Demise of Dr. Badrinarayan Barwale- 24 July
Barwalehomage1 Barwalehomage2

On 24 July, Jalna and the country lost one of its illustrious sons, who not only did altruistic work for Jalna, but also contributed to the agricultural revolution in India by producing and popularising hybrid seeds. Rightly called the Bhaghirathi of Indian Agriculture, Dr. Badrinarayan Barwale was also the chief patron of Golden Jubilee School, without whose support the school could never have taken shape physically or philosophically. We will miss him dearly.

Barwalehomage3 Barwalehomage4 Barwalehomage5

A multi-religious prayer meeting was held in a special assembly attended by children of all classes from LKG to 12 and all staff. Principal and some students spoke about the great man. A photo of late Dr. Barwale was garlanded in the assembly and later shifted to office block for teachers to pay homage.

BB condol1 BB condol2 BB condol3

May his soul rest in peace

August 2017

Independence day Celebration Pre-primary- 14 Aug

The Pre-primary children celebrated Independence day on 14 August in the school. Children came dressed as some of the leaders of India’s freedom struggle. Teachers gave information about the Independence movement, national flag, national anthem, etc.

Independence day Celebration - 15 Aug
indday indquiz

Independence Day was celebrated on 15 Aug in the school in a big way. It started with the hoisting of the National Flag and singing of the National Anthem at 9 am which was followed by pledge, patriotic songs, speeches, campus club patriotic song, pledge initiated by the Prime Minister and finally the singing of the National Song.

This was followed by the Independence Quiz. The quiz was attended by the children of classes 6 to 12. The special theme this year was Dr. Badrinarayan Barwale and Quit India Movement. The result of the quiz is as follows:

First Amogh Sangewar, Disha Tope, Anuj KapseSaturn
Second Devash Deshpande, Aditya Dixit, Ananya Kabra Jupiter
Third Anurag Lohit, Vaibhavi Sangewar, Harshvardhan RuikhedkarMercury
Janmashtami Celebration - 16 Aug
jkjanmashtami jkjanmashtami1

Nursery children were dressed up as Radha and Krishna. They were told about the festival of Janmashtami. They were taken to the play room where the pot breaking activity was done. Songs of Lord Krishna were sung.


In the KG assembly, children were dressed up in the role of Devki, Vasudev, Yashoda, Nandlal and Krishna. Teachers spoke about the story of birth of Lord Krishna and his childhood.

Workshop on Scrap and App - 16 Aug

Two of our computer teachers - Vaibhav Nikalje and Winner Mundlik - attended a workshop on scrap and app at Jain International School, Aurangabad, conducted by Google. It is a simple tool for children to create programmes with minimal effort. Scrap is for children of classes 5 to 8 and App is for children of classes 9 and 10

LKG Feild trip to Market - 19 Aug
lkgsupermarket lkgvegmarket

Children of LKG went on a field visit to different markets on 19 August as part of their experiential learning. They visited differetn shops like cloth shop, grocery shop, medical shop, vegetable shop, etc. They were demonstrated how to purchase from shops by paying money. The also visited a super market close to the school.

Inter-house Webpage designing competition- 22 Aug

Inter-house web page designing competition was held on 22 August for the senior children. The topic was Heritage Sites of India. The results of the competition are as follows:

First Bhoumik Parmar (10), Mahendra Kohale (10), Devji Bhakkad (9), Anuj Kapse (9)Saturn
Second Keshav Gindodiya (10), Harsh Pokarna (10), Jatin Agrawal (10), Chirag Agrawal (9)Jupiter
Third Devesh Deshpande (10), Aditya Dixit (10), Karan Agrawal (10), Kunal Peety (9) Mercury