April 2020

Academic Session Begins on Zoom Cloud Meetings- 1 April 2020

The academic year began on 1 April. Owing to Covid 19 Pandemic in the country the school started online classes for the students of Classes 9, 10 and 12 using zoom cloud meetings. The students of Classes 1 to 8 watched Lead School Videos and solved worksheets. The time table for the students was shared on the respective class Whats App group. Later the students were issued text books at home by the school staff.

May 2020

Sharing of Coscholastic Subject Videos - Monday to Friday

The physical education teacher created and shared videos of physical exercises to keep the students physically fit during the lockdown period. The art and music teachers also created videos and shared so that the students could hone their skills in art and music.

June 2020

Academic Session Resumes on Zoom Cloud Meetings and Lead School - 8 June 2020

The school re-opening was delayed due to the Covid 19 pandemic. But nothing could stop the school from imparting education to the students at home. The staff continued with Zoom cloud meetings for classes 9, 10 and 12 with three hours session. 45 minutes Zoom meetings were also introduced for classes 6 to 8 with emphasis laid on Art Integrated teaching.Classes 1 to 8 continued watching Lead School videos. The Pre-primary teachers created videos for their section students as well which were uploaded on the Youtube.

Inter House Power Point Presentation Competition - 17 June 2020

The Inter-house Power point presentation was conducted on the 17th of June for the students of Classes 4 to 12 online. The competition was conducted in five different groups viz Class 4/5, Class 6/7, Class 8, Class 9/10 and Class 12. The topic of power point presentation competition for class 12 was “COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Schools", for class 9/10 was “Blended learning – need of the moment", for class 8 topic was "Global Warming", topic for class 6/7 was "Water Conservation” and topic for class 4/5 was “Cyber Security.

The winners of the competition are as follows:

Classes 4 and 5

First Demira Agrawal, Krushna Shinde, Devak Deshpande Mercury
Second Shreeshah Gorantyal, Amog Mandhane, Dheer Garg Saturn
Third Vanshika Nahar, Kanika Kotecha, Vaidehi Pandit Venus

Classes 6 and 7

First Siddesh Chopade, Chinmayee Shinde, Khushi Nathani Venus
Second Mishti Garg, Aryan Jindal, Yaahvi JainJupiter
Third Anagha Jakkalwar, Pal Popat, Nikita Agrawal Mercury

Class 8

First Shreeraj Mandhane, Mohit Agrawal, Aryan RunwalMercury
Second Pari Godha, Monisha Shah, Jeet Rathi Jupiter
Third Kripa Karwa, Raj Mittal, Prakhar Mandhane Saturn

Classes 9 and 10

First Shanyu Bihani, Pragati Mittal and Nayan MorMercury
Second Aditya Dhannawat, Dishita Runwal, Khushi AgrawalVenus
Third Param Bhala, Saloni Lohiya, Megh Chhabda Jupiter

Class 12

First Aastha Agrawal, Esha Bihani, Shriniwas Totala Venus
Second Anuj Kapse, Divya Golechha, Shivam TiwariSaturn
Third Kunal Ingle, Siddhi Jaiswal, Khushi Agrawal Jupiter

House Positions

Class GroupJup Position Mer PositionSat PositionVen Position
Class 4&5 3124
Class 6&7 2341
Class 8 2134
Class 9&103142
Class 12 3421
Total 12151013
Over All Position 3142
Inter House English Debate Competition 22 June 2020 (Online Edition)

The Inter house Debate competition took place online on the 22nd of June. The topic for senior section (class 9 to 12) was “Home schooling is better than traditional schooling” and the topic for junior section (class 6 to 8) was “Is competition necessary part of education?” The debate was an eye opener and the insight we got into the thinking power of our students was amazing, indeed the future of the country is bright.

Aastha AgrawalEsha BihaniShanyu Bihani

The winners were

Seniors 9 to 12

First Aastha AgrawalVenus
Second Esha BihaniVenus
Third Shanyu Bihani Mercury

Juniors 6 to 8

First Kripa KarwaSaturn
Second Shreyas ShekdeVenus
Third Ishanvi Pawar Jupiter
Third Prakhar Mandhani Saturn

Over All House Positions

Jupiter 11302 3
Mercury 10564 1
Saturn 1111.53 2
Venus 1213.51 4