April 2018

Academic Session Begins- 2 April

The academic year began on 2 April

Children were welcomed to the new classes by the respective class teachers. They were inducted into the new classes. They were issued books and stationery and briefed about the importance of starting their classes in right earnest.

Visit and Interaction with students of Mr Anil Kakodkar - 2 April

The Golden Jubilee school was honoured at the presence of Padma Shri , Padma Bhushan Shri Anil Kakodkar ji . Sir interacted with students of Classes 9 and 10 and asked them - Why they needed to study? and then elaborated that learning enables one to be a game changer. He further encouraged students to take up challenges and find solutions. The students asked a number of questions and enjoyed the time spent with Sir

Election of Captains - 7 April

The School Prefect Council election took place on the 7th of April 2018.Students of Classes 6 to 12 voted for their candidates and the final result was as follows- Head Boy - Amogh Sangewar, Head Girl - Rashi Zawar, Sports Captain - Esha Bihani, Mercury House- Harshvardhan Ruikhedkar Saturn House - Ayushi Rathi, Venus House - Astha Agrawal and JupiterHouse- Anaya Kabra. The school congratulates all the winners and looks forward to a bright new academic session under their leadership.

Inter House Extempore Competition- 10 April

The Inter House extempore competition took place on the 10th of April .The students of 6 to 10 participated in the Same.Two minutes were given for the participants to speak on the topic picked.The winners were as follows-

Individual Positions

Classes 6, 7 and 8

First Megh ChhabdaJupiter
First Aastha Karwa Mercury
Third Sanvi Udhan Jupiter

House Positions

First Mercury
Second Saturn
Third Venus
Fourth Jupiter

Individual Positions

Classes 9 & 10

First Esha BiyaniVenus
Second Sejal Shekde Venus
Third Riya MantriVenus

House Positions

First Venus
Second Jupiter
Third Mercury
Fourth Saturn
Investiture Ceremony - 16 April
swearing in

The Investiture ceremony for the Year 2018 took place on the 16 th of April. The Chief Guest for the ceremony was Shri Arun Agrawalji who congratulated the newly appointed office bearers and spoke about the importance of team spirit and leading by example.The ceremony was witnessed by the students of Classes 6 to 12 and the parents of the elected Student Council.

Inter-house Table Tennis - 13 April to 23 April

Inter-house Table Tennis started on 13 April. This is the first sports inter-house championship event of the year. The event was held for two divisions for boys and girls separately. The result of the competitions are as follows.

Junior Boys - Class: 6 to 8

First Arnav Saraswat,Megh Chhabda, Samyak Surana Jupiter
SecondParth Khandelwal, Mihir Ganatra,Prathmesh Choudhari Venus
ThirdArpit Pahade , Pranav Bhakkad, Shourya Gorantya Mercury

Junior Girls- Class: 6 to 8

First Rujuta Khilariiya ,Dishita Runwal, Kalashree Pipada Venus
Second Khushi Kamad,Hritika Jindal, Aditi Malpani Saturn
Third Monisha Shah, Girisha Runwal, Sanvi Udan Jupiter

Senior Boys - Class: 9 to 12

First Akhilesh Rathi, Pradyumn Mandhani, Rohan Padulkar Venus
SecondDevji Bhakkad, Anuj Khapse, Rishi Parakh Saturn
Third Harshvardhan Ruikhedkar,Indranil Kathar, Rushil Agrawal Mercury

Senior Girls- Class: 9 to 12

First Ayushi Rathi, Ayushi Gorantyal, Shreya Nalawade Saturn
Second Riya Zawar, Esha Bihani, Aastha Agrawal Venus
Third Diya Surana, Bhumika Vaswani, Malvika Nair Jupiter

House Positions

First Venus
Second Saturn
Third Jupiter
Inter-house Chess - 13 April to 23 April

Inter-house chess started on 13 April in the Multi-purpose hall. The event was conducted for 3 groups for boys and girls separately. The results are as follows:

Classes 4 and 5 Boys

First Manav Agrawal, Madhav Rathi, Arush DhannawatJupiter
Second Vedant Kabra, Rishabh Mantri, Harshraj RathiMercury
Third Samket Mahindrakar, Arth Jain, Yoneet Bagdiya Venus

Classes 4 and 5 Girls

First Atmika Jha, Tisha Agrawal, Prisha GindodiyaSaturn
Second Arpita Agrawal,Kanak Agarwal ,Mahi Thakur Jupiter
Third Manya Kamad,Vaishnavi Agrawal, Chinmayee Shinde Venus

Classes 6 to 8 Boys

First Prakhar Mandhani, Pallav Kamad, Shlok Rathi Saturn
Second Pranav Bhakkad, Shravan Gole, Omkar DambaleMercury
Third Bhavesh Makhani, Aditya Dhannawat, Alap Mohta Venus

Classes 6 to 8 Girls

First Dishita Runwal, Pratiksha Kulkarni, Surjana WaghVenus
Second Siddhi Agrawal ,Pari Godha , Janvi Khillari Jupiter
Third Khushi Jhawar, Khushi Kamad, Hrithika Jindal Saturn

Classes 9 to12 Boys

First Ayush Bafna, Mayank Thole, Nikunj Gindodiya Jupiter
Second Sarthak Badjate,Chirag Agrawal,Aryan KasatMercury
Third Rishab Thole, Akhilesh Rathi, Hiten Tharani Venus

Classes 9 to12 Girls

First Tanvi Pimprikar, Anamika Diwate, Vaibhavi Sangewar Mercury
Second Madhumita Ugale, Shravani Dambale, Shreya Nalawade Saturn
Third Sejal Shekde, Riya Mantri, Shrushti Mantri Venus

House Positions

First Jupiter
Second Mercury and Saturn

June 2018

Staff Workshops 1 June to 7 June
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The school organized Life skill, Capacity Building - Inclusive education,First Aid and Special Education workshops for the Staff at school, which were enjoyed by all as well as has deeply enriched the staff.The facilitators for the same were Ms Rajani Hiremath, Mr Manpreet Singh Johar, Ms Vaishali D. Pandit, Dr Arti Kulkarani, Dr Shilpa Chate,Dr Anand Boriwale and Dr Anjali Bnagalore.The GJS family is grateful to them for the knowledge shared and for their time and effort.

Inter House Football and Kho Kho 13 June Onwards
ch ch ch

The Inter House football and Kho Kho practices began on the 13th of June. The house spirit was soaring as every child came to participate in the matches.

Power Point presentation 18 June and 19 June

The Interhouse Power point presentation took place on the 18 and 19 of June for the students of Classes 9 to 12.The topic was- Plastic Pollution, each of the houses had to create 10 slides.The winners of the competition was the Mercury House whose team comprised of Varad Rathi, Rutuj Runwal,Aryan Kasat and Rushil Agrawal.

Eid Celebrations 18 June
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The students of Class 5B and the students of pre primary explained the importance of Eid in the form of a skit which they beautifully presented in their respective sections on the 18th of June during the Monday morning assembly.

Tree Plantation by the students of Class 1 19 to 21 June

To connect children with nature and show them that their hard work will pay ,each student of Class 1 planted a tree in the school campus.The children were excited and that their tree would grow with them

International Yoga Day 21 June

International Yoga Day was celebrated at GJS where all the student and staff joined to mediate and take part in the yoga camp organized at school.Through out the year the school lays emphasis on meditation ,breathing and simple asanas that help students to concentrate, focus and learn to relax, enriching body mind and soul .