The School



Jubilee Kids is the Pre-Kindergarten wing run by the Golden Jubilee Education Society in the Golden Jubilee School, Jalna. It was started in the year 2006 for the age appropriate development of children of the nursery age and to prepare children for the Kindergarten. Many psychologists regard the period up to 5 years of age as the most critical period in the development of a child. If guided in the right way during this period, a child should do well in the years that follow. ‘Jubilee Kids’ attempts to do exactly that in a child happy atmosphere where learning is fun.

Jubilee Kids will bring to culmination the vision and mission of a committed team, to provide the best education in Jalna to greatly equip the young child to succeed in life. Jubilee Kids functioned under the flagship consultancy from ‘Witty Kids’, Mumbai’s most renowned playschool headed by the noted Educationists Dr. Vinay Jain and Dr. Raina Jain in the initial years.


Learning Sessions

Jubilee Kids starts usually in the middle of June and ends in the first week of April the next year. The academic year is divided into four quarters and a report is given at the end of each quarter. Saturdays and Sundays are holidays except when there are special programmes for them. Jubilee Kids functions in two shifts of two hours each. The first shift is from 8.30 am to 10.30 am and the second shift is from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm.



The heart and soul of Jubilee Kids is its curriculum. There's more to Jubilee Kids than just fun and games; every activity will be actually designed to hone the intellectual, physical, emotional, linguistic, social and moral skillsthat will be a foundation for the children for the rest of their lives. Curriculum will let your child learn by doing fun things: playing games, solving puzzles, wearing costumes, beating drums and basically having fun with the other kids. Learning will not be confined to the classrooms; when necessary children are taken out to different places for authentic experience.

To support the curriculum Jubilee Kids has equipment that are world-class, safe and child friendly, classrooms that are spacious and airy, fully coloured with adorable cartoon characters adorning the walls, playrooms that have loads of equipment that are not only loved by children but also that help develop neuromuscular coordination and strengthen muscles.


Assessment and feedback

A child’s development is evaluated on a continuous basis and parents are informed about his/her progress periodically. Children are given grades and not ranked or compared with each other. Parents are partners in the development of a child and to facilitate mutual understanding regular Parents Teacher Meetings are held. A report is given to the parents every quarter on the progress of their children. A certificate is awarded to each kid at the end of the academic year.



There is no prescribed dress for Jubilee Kids. However, it is advisable for children to wear dresses that are comfortable and safe for various play activities without any thing that sticks out or can get entangled. Children would be sitting on clean matted floor and hence are not allowed inside the classroom with footwear on. It is important for children to wear footwear that they can wear and remove easily themselves. Parents are requested to ensure that children are clean.