Golden Jubilee School, Jalna.

Syllabus for 1st Quarter Exam. 2020-21





Phonics :  Multi syllable words,   Open syllables,  Short vowel sounds

Whole Words :  Write correct spellings

                              Make sentences using the given word

Reading & Listening Comprehension:

                             Sequencing the story into beginning , middle and end

                                Facts and opinions

Grammar : Personal pronouns( me, us, you, him, her, it, them)

                               Adverbs, adjectives, Prepositions

                               Modal words (Can, May, Must)

                               Label parts of a sentence as subject, verb, object, adverb or     


Writing & Speaking :  Write a short story on a given picture.

                                Write a biography.

                                Write an information article.


ƒ½ ikB Ø- ƒ] „] ‰] ƒŠ      „½ vifBr x|ka'k        …½ opu ds Hksn

†½ foykse 'kCn    ‡½ fyax       ˆ½ 'kCnkFkZ           ‰½ 'kqn~/k orZuh

Š½ laKk ds Hksn   ‹½ fo'ys"k.k ƒŒ½ fxurh ¼bdrkyhl ls ysdj lkB rd½


ikB Ø- ƒ] „  

vifBr x|ka’k (Reading comprehension)  opufo#n~/kkFkhZ ‘’kCn  fyax   5½ ’kCnkFkZ ¼Word meaning½ 6½ ;ed tqG.kkjs ’kCn (Rhyming words)okD; cuok          


Unit 1:

Multiply large numbers without re-grouping. Multiply large numbers with re-grouping. Solves word problems involving multiplication: read, write and draw. Solves word problems involving multiple operations. Estimates product and verifies using approximation.

Unit 2:

Learns to divide 4,5,6 digit numbers by 2,3 digit numbers without remainder. Learns to divide 4,5,6 digit numbers by 2,3 digit numbers with remainder. Solves word problems involving division. Solves problems involving multiple operations.

Estimates quotient and verifies using approximation.


Unit 1 Organ System ( Heart, Lungs and Stomach )

            Skeletal System

            Muscular System

            Nervous System

Unit 2 Respiratory System

( Working of Respiratory System and Circulatory System Together )

            Excretory System

            Urinary System

            Diseases and Symptoms                                                                                                                                                                             

            Types of Diseases and Modes of Transmission

            Different Types of Vitamins and Minerals

            Deficiency Diseases

            Iodine and Iron