Golden Jubilee School, Jalna.

Syllabus for 1st Quarter Exam. 2020-21





Phonics : CVC words, Consonant blends, Magic e words, Blend with 2 syllables, 

Whole Words : Recognize read and spell whole words

                            Make sentences with whole words

Reading & Listening Comprehension: Sequence beginning , middle and end

Grammar : Possessive  nouns, Countable and uncountable nouns,                  Opposite  gender for a noun, Expand noun into noun phrase

                  Identify pronouns

Writing & Speaking : Write short paragraph in 10 - 12 lines


ƒ½ vifBr x|ka'k „½ ikB Ψ- Όƒ ls ‡½ …½ opu ds Hksn      †½ foykse 'kCn

‡½ i;kZ;okph 'kCn  ˆ½ 'kCnkFkZ  ‰½ 'kqn~/k orZuh     Š ½laKk ds Hksn

‹½ laokn ys[ku     ƒŒ½ vuqPNsn ys[ku


Unit 1:

·         Identify place value of digits in large numbers.

·         Expanded and standard form of numbers.

·         Number Names and numbers for names.

·         Missing numbers in the series.

·         Comparing and ordering numbers.

·         Forming 5, 6, 7 and 8 digit numbers.

·         Round off the numbers to numbers to nearest ten thousand, lakh and ten lakh.

·         Representing 6, 7 and 8 digit numbers as per international system.

·         Add large numbers with and without regrouping.

·         Frame and solve word problems on addition.

Unit 2:

·         Subtracting large numbers with and without regrouping.

·         Multiply 3 and 4 digit numbers by 1, 2 and 3 digit numbers with and without numbers.

·         Multiplying using multiples of 100 and 1000.

·         Frame and solve word problems on subtraction and multiplication


Unit  -1 Organs and Organ System -Sub Topics covered in Unit 1

1. External Organs  2. Internal Organs

     Organ System

1. Digestive System. 2. Types of Teeth. 3. Esophagus, Stomach and Small Intestine. 4. Circulatory System 5. Energy providing organ system.

6. Structural and Movement organ system.

Unit 2:  Habitat

Sub Topics Covered in Unit 2


Polar Habitat- Adaptation of Plants in Polar Regions.

Desert Habitat- Adaptation of Plants and Animals in Desert Habitat.

Grassland Habitat - Plants and animals in Grass lands.

Comparing Habitat- Location, Climate, Plant adaptation, Animal adaptation.

Ocean Habitat -Plants and Animals adaptation in Ocean Habitat.


Threats to Habitat

How to save different habitats.