Golden Jubilee School, Jalna.

Syllabus for 1st Quarter Exam. 2020-21





1) Vowel diagraphs: ee, ea,ai,ay. 2) Reading comprehension

3) Grammar: i. Subject verb agreement. ii. Identify main verbs and helping verbs. iii. Identify and use adverbs to describe actions. iv. Differentiate between adverbs and adjectives. 4) Creative writing: Narrate a personal experience. 5) General awareness i. Mary Kom ii. Dhoni the goalkeeper.


Lesson 1 to 5

1 'kCnkFkZ 2 opu 3 fp=o.kZu 4 laKk 5 loZuke

6 fyax 7 o.kZe ds vuqlkj 'kCn fy[kuk 8 vifBr xn~;ka'k

(Reading comprehension)



1.Read and write 4 digit numbers. 2.Place Value. 3. Comparing and ordering numbers. 4. Skip counting. 5. Rounding to nearest 1000. 6. Standard and expanded form. 7. Making smallest and largest 4 digit numbers using the given numbers.


1. Adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers with and without regrouping.

2.Estimating the sum and difference. 3. Word Problems.


Unit 1-Animals and Reproduction

1) Reproduction 2) Different ways of giving birth 

3) Giving birth to young ones 4) Laying eggs

5) Comparing life cycles of different living beings

6) Taking care of young ones

Unit 2- Plants

1) Parts of plant 2) Ingredients for plant food.  3) Leaf

4) Source of Ingredients  5) Photosynthesis