Golden Jubilee School, Jalna.

Syllabus for 1st Quarter Exam. 2020-21





         Identify all letter sounds and separate words based on their beginning, middle and end letter sounds.

         Recognize , read and spell words with end consonants blends (st,sk,sp,nd,nk,mp,it &ik )

         Recognize and read the words on sight, make simple sentences.

         Read simple picture stories , identify character and retell events in a story , answer the questions and provide supporting details.

         Identify and list nouns (make sentences)

         Sequence the picture of a story in correct order.

         Identify and convert singular to plural nouns.

         Match, sort and use vocabulary words in sentences.

         Match the word with the pictures.

         Find the words with the related meaning

         Draw conclusion based on events in the story.

         Use different types of determiners.

         Use full stop and capital letters to show understanding of concept of sentence.

         Identify and use different types of adjectives in sentences.

         Use basic vocabulary of adverbs and cardinal and ordinal numbers to convey actions in a sequence.


Lesson 1 to 5

1 'kCnkFkZ 2 opu 3 fp=o.kZu 4 rqd 'kCn (Rhyming words)

5 foykse 'kCn 6 okD; cukvks 7 la;qDr O;atu 8 n~foRo O;atu

9 vifBr xn~;ka'k (Reading comprehension)


UNIT -1 - Three digit numbers

(i) Identify place and face value of three digit numbers (ii) Number names of three digit numbers (iii) Ascending and descending order of numbers (iv) Biggest and Smallest possible numbers (v) Round off number to the nearest 100 and 10

(iv) Skip counting

UNIT- 2 Addition of two digit numbers and money

(i) Form number pairs to 100 (ii) Addition of two digit number with regrouping

(iii) Addition of two digit number without regrouping (iv) Solve word problems to add two digit numbers (v) Recognize money and denomination in notes and coins

(vi) Solve word problems on money

UNIT 3 - Subtraction of two digit number and money

(i) Perform mental subtraction of single digit number (ii) Subtraction of two digit numbers with regrouping (iii) Subtraction of two digit number without regrouping


UNIT -1 - human body and safety.

(i)- External internal body parts of human. (ii) Location and function of internal organs (iii) Safety in public places.

UNIT- 2 - Nutrients in food.

(i) Recognize and classify food groups. (ii) Describe role of food and match it to the food group (iii) Role of nutrients in human body (iv) Balanced Diet and its importance

UNIT 3 - Life Science - Animals

(i) Classify animals based on where they live. (ii) Classify animals based on their food habits. (iii) Classify animals based on their nature.