Golden Jubilee School, Jalna.

Syllabus for 1st Quarter Exam. 2020-21






·         Identify all letter sounds and separate words based on their beginning, middle and end letter sounds.

·         Recognize and read the words on sight, make simple sentences.

·         Read simple picture stories, identify  character and retell events in a story , answer the questions.

·         Identify and list nouns (make sentences)

·         Sequence the picture of a story in correct order.

·         Identify and convert singular to plural nouns.

·         Match, sort and use vocabulary words in sentences.

·          Match the word with the  pictures.


Lesson 1 to 3

o.kZekykek=k v ls v% ] _ dh ek=k 3½ {k] =] K okys “kCn

rqd ”kCn (Rhyming words) 5½ ,d & vusd “kCn 

okD; cukvks  vifBr xn~;ka”k (Reading comprehension)


1. Number System  (1 to 20)

·         Write the number and the number names.

·         Expand  numbers in correct place value

·         Compare numbers  and arrange in ascending and descending order.

2. Arithmetic Operation.

·         Ways of joining two numbers concrete, pictorial and abstract.

·         Devise ways to mentally and two single digit numbers and identify the commutative property of addition.

·         One step word problem.


1. Life Science- Human Body and Safety.

·         Identify and describe the location and functions of the different inner and outer body parts and sense organs.

·         Describe ways to remain safe in public places.

2. Food and Food Groups.

·         Identify and describe the importance of different food groups.

·         Demonstrate healthy habits and describe the importance of personal safety.