Inter School Silver Jubilee Calendar 2022-23
Sr.No. Particular Date
1 Inter School Power Point Presentation 25-Jun-22
2 Inter School Marathi Singing 16-Jul-22
3 Inter School English Recitation 16-Jul-22
4 Inter School Independence Day Quiz 12-Aug-22
5 Inter School Hindi Singing 18-Aug-22
6 Inter School Hindi Debate 18-Aug-22
7 Inter School Science Innovation 29-Sep-22
8 Inter School Craft Competition 08-Oct-22
9 Inter School Fiest ( Drama, Singing, Debate, Basket Ball, Relay, Table Tennis, Badminton, Art,Rangoli, MUN) 17,18,19-Nov-2022
10 Inter School Essay Writing 07-Jan-22
11 Inter School Dance Competition 07-Jan-22
12 Inter School Exhibition  25-Feb-22
13 Inter School Marathi/English/Hindi Poetry Competition 09-Mar-22
Note : Theme and other details will be shared closer to the event
1 Sharing of best practice across schools (Teachers Meet) 06-Aug-22
2 Symposium for Teachers of Jalna 17-Sep-22
3 Alumni Meet and Get Together 20-Oct-22
4 Parents Meet and Get Together 23-Dec-22